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Founded over 9 years ago, Freezone San Francisco is your one-stop for Wellness, Clarity and Life Improvement through: Biofeedback, Detoxification and Self Improvement Education and Counseling. We are a group of individuals, trained in the original theories and applications, as created and founded by L. Ron Hubbard, who are united in helping others help themselves.

We are a conglomerate, comprised of both ex-members of the Chr_ch of $cientology and “never were” members, who share in their own certainty of this technology’s workability. The term “Freezone” or “Freezoners” is internationally recognized, and as such, we may practice Mr. Hubbard’s original methods standardly and independently.

Our product is people who are happier, healthier, have a newly found integrity and a fierce appreciation of high ethical standards. We network freely with others of the Free and Independent zone. The invitation is always open to those who are curious about this powerful technology, its theory, practice and results.




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Wake up and Audit.


Valoree D'Angeles

Auditor, Exec Director, OTIII, Standard Dianetic and Class 0 Auditor, Associate Course Supervisor


"Never Give Up on Yourself.

Never Give Up on Your Case.

Be Responsible for You."


     Valoree studied for two intensive years, within the institution, before she personally encountered the full extent of their rampant misapplications of policy and methods. She made her exit shortly after her discoveries and subsequent attempts to correct from within. 


Departing, however, did not deter Valoree from continuing the pursuit of the positive self-improvement applications that have been withheld and suppressed from true seekers.  Soon after, Valoree realized she was clear, but could not attest due to the fact of not having a proper person, well-versed in the technology, to acknowledge the new state.

     Thirteen years passed in a sparse, nearly empty, "free" or "independent" world of the tech before one lone Class VIII auditor rehabilitated her clear state. This could only have happened, solely because Valoree didn't become discouraged. 

     Now, she is here to help you restart your own progress to spiritual freedom.  Today, Valoree has created  one of just a handful of centers in the world that provides training and processing on the bridge as it was originally intended to be delivered.


She continues the purpose of what was supposed to be happening since 1980: 

Make well and happy people



You can give a man a fish and he eats for a day or you can teach him how to fish and he eats for a lifetime, as they say.

     It can be treacherous out here, but undoubtedly, far less so than being in that other place.  At all times one must be as certain as ever about how his/her case is being managed.  To know this, it takes diligence in keeping the original intent and direction of training. Dignity is maintained responsibly in your advancement to improved quality of life.



Jeffrey Friedman

Course Supervisor, OTII, Book 1  Auditor, Word Clearing Specialist


"Effectively run personal lives and businesses can change the world."

     Jeffrey left church lines in 1991 as a fully-trained course supervisor, Key to Life Supervisor, Method-One Word Clearer (and all 9 methods), Product De-Bugging and False Data Stripping Specialist, Crashing M/U Finder and Dianetic Auditor.  Well-versed in the Saint Hill Special Briefing course, as well, he assures a solid foothold towards your training to Class VI Auditor.


     In the 1980’s, he worked to establish a highly successful Book Auditing program at his former org in Southern California before becoming an original launcher and Supervisor of the public-released Key to Life Course.

     Mr. Friedman now holds a Master of Arts Degree in Psychology, specializing in Business Psychology from The University of the Rockies. He is actively pursuing his PhD in Organizational Leadership and Development.

      Jeffrey has a passion for unleashing the untapped potential in individuals, businesses and organizations. For the past two decades, he has worked with individuals and businesses to untap their latent, great potential for significant  performance improvement, propelling them to their next levels of success.

     On Life Experience, he has contributed in such knowledgeable fields as High-tech, Finance, Insurance and Real Estate. He is skilled in both software engineering and marketing.  An early innovator in using the Internet and social media, Mr. Friedman is a seminar leader, teaching businesses and individuals the mastery of social media in their marketing efforts.  In his years of experience and observation, Jeff has noted, and consequently taught, that effectively run lives and business are a source of social responsibility all in themselves and can, indeed, change the world.

     When not coaching adults, he is working to ensure children are getting a good education, or he's volunteering on community projects.




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