• Valoree D'Angeles

FZ SF Interviewed by CNN

Updated: Feb 17, 2021

Being interviewed by Reza Aslan was a profound and memorable experience with the researcher, who dared to broach the precipitous subjects of Scientology churches as separate from the L. Ron Hubbard-established practice and what former parishioners (and "never-were's") are doing outside the church. His unbiased approach towards the above revealed a rare ability to understand on the most fundamental level. In the experience of trained Scientologists, we observe that he does not have what L. Ron Hubbard termed, "ridges."

Another way to describe him would be to note his expanded empathy for others with his passionate desire for scientifically objective understanding, which makes him the ideal candidate for the tasks he has set out for himself.

It was absolutely positive and pleasurable moments to make such acquaintance with Mr. Aslan and we look forward to seeing more of his beautifully video-graphed, directed, written and scored series, "Believer."

The Independent Scientology Episode airs, Sunday, March 26, at 7 pm PST, 10 pm EST.

Here's to hoping we've made it into the final cut! Check it out and let us know...

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