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Independent Scientology Out of Non-Existence!

Updated: Feb 17, 2021

Reza Aslan explores some high-level Scientology processes with auditors outside the church, Rey Robles and Trey Lotz. One can see, for a first-hand taste, what it's like inside an auditing session.

The first season of "Believer" on CNN, started airing earlier this month. Each week, religious scholar and researcher, Reza Aslan, submerses himself for an entire week, into one of various "fringe" religions. Of course, Scientology has joined the club. The Independent and Free Zones of Scientology reap the benefit of Dr. Aslan's mild-mannered approach, as the tight-lipped church unsurprisingly declined being interviewed. Reza's premise of the series is to reveal the humanity of the independent practitioners, while discarding prejudices and stereotypes. He exposes the injustices of the out-of-control church in contrast to what independent practitioners are doing with practicing the methods of L. Ron Hubbard as he had originally intended.,

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